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Policing Authority — Public Consultation on Policing Priorities

Terms of Use

Under the Garda Síochána Act 2005 (as amended), the Policing Authority can “determine, and from time to time revise, priorities for the Garda Síochána” in their delivery of policing services. These priorities assist the Garda Commissioner in identifying areas that require extra focus and/or investment of resources to improve the service delivered to the public.


Participants under the age of 18 are welcome to take part but must seek consent from a parent or guardian before participating in this consultation.


While the consultation is open to all, participants are self-selecting. Therefore, the Authority is aware and acknowledges that the results may not reflect the views of a representative sample of the population.


The options provided in the consultation represent the major areas of work currently done by the Garda Síochána. All of these areas are important and will continue being worked on by the Garda Síochána and overseen by the Authority. However, priorities are important to identify where improvement or extra focus is needed.

One of the core values of the Authority is listening. The priority simulator tool is being used to facilitate the Authority hearing the views of the public. The information gathered through this consultation will allow the Authority to better understand what the public believe should be focussed on in particular by the Garda Síochána.

The views of the public gathered through this consultation will form one part of the determination of the Policing Priorities. The Authority will also consider other factors such as: commitments of the Garda Síochána to existing strategies and projects; trends in crime; and, the views of other stakeholders.

Considering all of this together will allow the Authority to determine the Policing Priorities 2022. While not all the options will be on the final list of priorities for 2022, the Authority will continue to monitor Garda performance across all of the policing services.


All results from the public consultation and the optional survey will be anonymised and individuals will not be identifiable.

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